Designed and built a box for mounting some cheap Behringer synths.

Built into the structure are the power supplies (with IEC socket and main power switch), as well as audio routing ins and outs to jack sockets on the top front (with a summing output for saving a mixer channel if needed). A MIDI cable runs under the construction from the D to the Neutron, giving one common USB-MIDI connection and the ability to separate the two by MIDI channels.

There's space for more non-standard modules in the top row and to the right of the shorter synth. Might put in an effects module or an Arpeggiator?

synthBox01-J-01 synthBox01-L-01 synthBox01-K-01 synthBox01-E-01 synthBox01-F-01 synthBox01-I-01 synthBox01-H2-01 synthBox01-A-01 synthBox01-B-01 synthBox01-D-01 synthBox01-H-01 synthBox01-G-01