cph audiojams

I organized a few audio jams in Copenhagen. The basic idea is to bring together creative people interested in audio and music, and have them jam on a small task together. Participants received a B-movie trailer with the audio removed, then produced a new soundtrack.

Creative friends used traditional music tools, physical instruments (home-built or otherwise), recordings, or pure code to make interesting new sounds for the old film trailers.

The four (so far) jams have celebrated B-movie legends Roger Corman and Stephanie Rothman.

The resulting trailers can be viewed at the Cph Audio Jams youtube channel.

RCormanIIIflier800 SRothmanInvitation RCorman720 RCormanII720B SRothmanObject Corman01 jams01 jams02 CphAudioJamsYT jams03 jams04